A Contemporary Take on Molded Ply

September 15, 2022

Pleat rendering

The Softwood Collection by Lars Beller Fjetland stretches and bends wood to an almost impossible form. Pleat, Quilt, and Twist haven’t forgotten their mid-century roots, but an innovative new process enables forms inspired by the subtle folds of textiles and drapery. Available in four wood veneers, the panels softly undulate across the wall with minimal hardware and boost sound softening with an optional felt-covered acoustic substrate behind.

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Quilt and Twist renderings

About Lars Beller Fjetland

Lars Beller Fjetland grew up amongst the mountains and fjords of the west coast of Norway, where he nurtured a lifelong fascination with the marriage of function with the finest natural materials. His core philosophy is to design products that achieve a sense of both timelessness and longevity through an immediate, honest functionalism in form and aesthetic. In 2016, Lars expanded Spinneybeck's range of natural materials with a series of cork acoustic tiles and set in motion thoughtful product introductions with sustainability, once again, top of mind.

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Lars at desk

“My designs are usually quite minimalistic and material driven. I have found that this approach has led to objects that are more or less timeless and adaptable, working both across time and space. With the material taking the lead, the rest comes easy.”

About Lars triptych

Behind the Design

Inspired by the work of the mid-century design giants combined with elements of his Nordic upbringing, Lars developed a series of designs that combine two unique and strikingly different perspectives while honoring the longevity and inherent beauty of molded plywood. 

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Lars with Splint and Quilt

“In 2017, I stumbled across a new technology for producing and forming plywood which I immediately knew could be the perfect match for the concept. The material’s unique traits would allow me to push it beyond conventional limits, twisting, bending, and deforming it. In addition, this technology made it possible to give the material the soft features I was looking for.”

Softwood BTD triptych
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