Our Materials

Spinneybeck knows natural materials. With a mission to design and produce products with sustainability in mind, our architectural products celebrate the beauty and versatility of these renewable materials.

With a legacy started six decades ago sourcing the finest full-grain upholstery leather, the Spinneybeck product line now includes a full range of natural materials, including 100% wool felt, wood, eelgrass, and natural cork. These remarkable materials are at the forefront of timeless, hand-crafted products that prove sustainability, beauty, and performance can go hand in hand.


Leather is an ancient, durable material created through a process of tanning animal rawhide to preserve it and make it pliable when dry. Many features of natural leather make it superior to synthetic products including durability, comfort, beauty, suppleness, and resilience. In addition, leather’s ability to patina and absorb body oils continues to enhance its appearance and makes it more beautiful over time.

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Eelgrass is a marine plant naturally grown off the coast of Denmark. The material is collected after it washes ashore and, after a carbon neutral drying process, is pressed into durable sheets. This marine plant has inherent traits that make it an optimal material for interiors—it brings a natural element indoors while providing excellent acoustic properties and high fire resistance. Eelgrass is also 100% recyclable and can be returned later for a second life of the Eelgrass product.

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Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree, an evergreen tree that grows in the cork oak forests of Western Mediterranean countries. It’s the only tree species whose bark regenerates, making for a truly renewable resource. Manufactured with the waste material from wine stopper production, Spinneybeck cork products are 93% recycled cork produced in a waste-free molding process.

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Very few building materials possess the environmental benefits of wood. An ancient material that is renewable and durable, wood also lends itself to many technological innovations used in the manufacture of architectural products today. From softwood, molded ply, and flexible wood, Spinneybeck architectural products explore a broad range of wood types and innovative techniques. 

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