How can I order a Spinneybeck product?

Spinneybeck products may be ordered online, by phone, email or fax. Many products are available for immediate purchase from the Shop. To begin, click ‘Add to cart’ on any product page. Items that are made to order and require a lead time will include this information above ‘Add to Cart’. Once you have added an item to your order, you may click ‘Proceed to Checkout’. For items not available for purchase through the Shop, please contact Customer Service to place an order.

Are samples available?

We offer a full-line Color Book as well as 3 x 3 in (7.6 x 7.6 cm) and 4 x 6 in (10.2 x 15.2 cm) samples. 3 x 3 in (7.6 x 7.6 cm) samples may be obtained through the Color Book by clicking on ‘+ Order sample’ on any swatch or, on the product pages, by selecting the color and clicking on ‘Add sample to cart’. To order larger samples or a full-line Color Book, please contact Customer Service or your local architectural sales representative.

Do you offer discounts?

Spinneybeck offers discounting based on quantity. For more information, please contact Customer Service.

Do you charge sales tax?

Spinneybeck is required to collect sales tax on orders shipping to California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Washington. Most states require that we collect sales tax on shipping charges. When placing your order, we estimate sales tax based upon the state, in which it is ultimately shipping to.

What if I’m a tax exempt reseller?

Spinneybeck.com is intended for retail purchases only. Sales tax, where appropriate, will be charged on all Spinneybeck.com sales and cannot be refunded. If you are a tax exempt reseller, please contact Customer Service to place your order.

Do you sell in other currencies?

We offer price lists in US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pound Sterling, and Chinese Yuan Renminbi. Please contact Customer Service to place an order in a currency other than US Dollars.


What are my delivery options and how much do they cost?

Shipping charges for domestic ground shipments are based on order value.

Order Value Order Shipping Fee
Up to $100 $10
$101 - $1,000 8% of Order Total
$1,001 - $3,000 6% of Order Total
$3,001 and up 4% of Order Total

International and express shipments charges are based on weight.

When shipping to locations outside of the United States, taxes and duties are additional and are the responsibility of the recipient.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are shipped prepaid freight and shipments are FOB Getzville, New York USA. Felt by the yard and remnants ship within 3 business days of the order confirmation. All other products are made or assembled to order and lead times are provided on the product page. Once your shipment leaves our facility, the shipment time is based upon the shipping method selected. Spinneybeck will notify you via electronic mail when your shipment leaves our facility.

Can you ship orders internationally?

Yes, please note that when shipping to locations outside of the United States, taxes and duties are additional and are the responsibility of the recipient.

Cancellations and Returns

What if I need to change or cancel an order?

You may change or cancel an order within two (2) hours, following receipt of your order confirmation. Any changes or cancellations must be requested by speaking directly with Customer Service at 800.482.7777. No changes or cancellations may be requested by email.

Can I return a product?

Returns are only accepted on authorized warranty issues and require prior approval. All claims must be requested within seven (7) days and physically returned within thirty (30) days from date of receipt of product. All merchandise must be returned in salable condition in order to receive credit. Shipment of returned merchandise will be refused if the packages are not properly labeled with the Return Goods Authorization number (RGA #). Cutting and/or marking of merchandise indicates acceptance. No cut or marked merchandise returns will be accepted. Returned merchandise (uncut and undamaged) is subject to a restocking fee of 30%.


What is full grain leather?

The grain layer or dermis has not been removed in full grain leather. The grain layer gives each type of leather its distinctive appearance as well as greater strength, breathability, durability, and hide yield. For more information, please visit our About Leather and How Leather is Made.

What is the difference between full aniline and semi-aniline leathers?

Full aniline is leather that has been dyed through with aniline dyes. There are no protective, pigmented finishes on the surface of full aniline leather, which is also referred to as naked leather. Semi-aniline is referred to as a finished leather. A semi-aniline leather is aniline dyed in the drum and also receives an additional finish that provides color uniformity and added protection to the surface.

What qualities and colors does Spinneybeck offer?

Spinneybeck leather is available in over 30 qualities and 1,000 colors. To view the full product line, visit the Color Book. Please note that the color on your screen may vary from the actual product.

What size increments are available?

Spinneybeck leather is sold by the square foot and square meter. The minimum order is one full hide for Belting Leather, Haired Hide, and Maremma. The minimum for all other leathers is one half hide. Prices include any overage and the quantity billed will be the same as the quantity ordered.

How do linear upholstery textiles convert to square footage of leather?

1 yard of 54 inch fabric = 18 square feet of leather

If I need “x” amount of “usable” leather, what quantity should I order?

Generally the term “usable” leather is a confusing term since most manufacturers understand that there is a waste factor involved when calculating COL (Customer’s Own Leather) requirements. Most Spinneybeck hides average a 75–85% yield depending on the quality of leather selected. Naked (full aniline) leathers reveal more natural characteristics than finished (semi-aniline) leathers and, therefore, some hides may have a 65–75% yield.

What is the size of the hides?

Spinneybeck hides vary in size based on leather quality. Below are the average hide sizes for each leather type in the Spinneybeck product line. Average hide sizes are subject to change at any time due to the availability of raw material.

Hide Size Leather Type
60–65 ft2 (5.6–6.0 m2) HT
55–65 ft2 (5.1–6.0 m2) AD, AU, FE, SL, SS, VP
55–60 ft2 (5.1–5.6 m2) DE, DT, LC
50–60 ft2 (4.6–5.6 m2) LU, UM
50–55 ft2 (4.2–4.6 m2) AL, AQ, CV, DL, DV, ET, ES, MA, PT, RA, SA, VO, VZ
45–50 ft2 (4.2–4.6 m2) CA, CO, HH, RU
18–22 ft2 (1.7–2.0 m2) BL, MM

What is the biggest piece that can be cut from an average hide?

As a hide is an irregularly shaped, natural material, the entire surface of a hide is not usable even with the highest quality product. Depending on pattern size, layout, and the level of acceptance of natural characteristics, the cutting yield can vary considerably. It is always recommended to follow furniture manufacturer’s COL requirements, which are typically based on 50–60 square feet hides. Leather requirements for any architectural products, such as wall panels, must be calculated by an experienced fabricator.

These dimensions are intended only as a guideline and should not be used to estimate leather yield for any project or application. Within the size listed there will be visible natural markings such as neck wrinkles, fat wrinkles, healed scars and backbone, which are characteristics of a natural product.

Hide Size Approximate Largest Dimension (Width x Length)**
65 ft2 (6.0 m2) 65 x 75 in (165.1 x 190.5 cm)
60 ft2 (5.1-5.6 m2) 60 x 70 in (152.4 x 177.8 cm)
55 ft2 (5.1 m2) 55 x 70 in (139.7 x 177.8 cm)
50 ft2 (4.6 m2) 55 x 65 in (139.7 x 165.1 cm)
45 ft2 (4.2 m2) 50 x 60 in (127 x 152.4 cm)
30 ft2 (2.8 m2) 50 x 30 in (127 x 76.2 cm)
20 ft2 (1.8 m2) of BL 48 x 38 in (121.92 x 96.52 cm)
20 ft2 (1.8 m2) of MM 40 x 40 in (101.6 x 101.6 cm)
Half Hide of GE*** 30 x 34 in (76.2 x 86.4 cm)
Hide of FT 24 x 42 in (61 x 106.7 cm)

** These dimensions are intended only as a guideline and should not be used to estimate leather yield for any project or application. Within the size listed there will be visible natural markings such as neck wrinkles, fat wrinkles, healed scars and backbone, which are characteristics of a natural product.

*** Two match lines are within this measurement. Repeat is 15–30 in (38.1–76.2 cm).

How much “extra” do I need to order because of hide sizes?

It is recommended that you order what the manufacturer or upholsterer specifies as the requirement. Most COL requirements take into account the fact that there is some waste and flank areas in the hides.

Are Spinneybeck hides dyed all the way through?

All Spinneybeck hides are aniline drum dyed, a process that ensures the aniline dyes penetrate all the way through the hide.

Is there consistency in color between dye lots?

Spinneybeck leather is a natural material and slight variations in color and thickness may be evident between dye lots or production runs. The fiber structure will vary within a hide and from hide to hide which can impact how the aniline dyes are absorbed. Full aniline leathers will have a higher variation between dye lots and therefore we cannot guarantee exact color matching. A Cutting for Approval (CFA) is always recommended for full aniline leathers. Although there can be some variation from dye lot to dye lot, semi-aniline leathers are more consistent in color and uniformity.

Are custom colors available?

Custom colors are available for most, but not all qualities. Please refer to each product page for more information.

Will a finish impact a leather’s breathability?

Spinneybeck’s breathable protective finish, which is impregnated into the leather, is an integral part of the material and protects the surface while adjusting to climate conditions, keeping the user comfortable.

Can Acqua be used on patio furniture (or other outdoor applications)?

Acqua leather features a water-repellent treatment which means that liquid will not saturate the leather surface immediately allowing the customer an opportunity to absorb the spill. Acqua performs well in many situations where water splashes or spill are likely to occur, but it is not waterproof. It is not recommended that any leather be exposed to the elements for any extended period of time.

How is Spinneybeck leather maintained and cleaned?

Leather that is properly maintained can last a lifetime. When cleaning leather, never use solvents, saddle soaps, abrasives or products with inappropriate pH levels. Spinneybeck Leather Maintenance Kits are specially formulated to care for various types of leather. To order leather maintenance products, please visit the Shop.

Finished leather, the most popular, is smooth and has
a satiny finish. Its breathable, protective finish makes it most suitable for high traffic areas or contract use. Wipe with a cool, damp cloth. For tougher soiling, use a pH- balanced soap and rinse. Repeat, if needed. Occasional use of Finished Leather Cleaner, Conditioner & Protector is recommended. Spinneybeck finished leathers include AU, AL, AD, AQ, DE, DL, ET, ES, FE, GE, HT, LU, PT, SA, SS, VP, VZ, and VO.

Naked (or aniline) leathers have the least amount of protective finish. While most are treated at the tannery with a protective coating to help protect against staining, care must be taken to ensure that soiling and stains are removed quickly to prevent discoloration. These leathers will patina but may not be practical for all applications. Wipe the entire surface with a soft cloth and cool water to even out any abrasions or stains. Do not spot rub, for it will darken only that area. Occasional use of Aniline Leather Cleaner, Conditioner & Protector is recommended. Spinneybeck naked leathers include BL*, CA, CV, CO, DT, RA, and SL. * Cleaned as a naked leather due to very light finish

Full Aniline Leathers

Full aniline leathers have little foreign substance applied to the surface which will in any way affect the superbly soft, mellow hand of these most luxurious upholstery leathers. There is little barrier against spillage or staining, and full aniline leathers should be selected with this in mind. The recommended cleaning method for a full aniline leather is to wipe the entire surface with a soft wool or cotton cloth and cool water. Do not rub, but rather wipe evenly over the surface. The idea is to even out smudges, abrasions or stains. Spinneybeck’s Aniline Leather Maintenance Kit has been specifically formulated for use on the full aniline and semi-aniline leathers in the Spinneybeck collection. Following the recommended guidelines, these specialized formulas will enhance the beauty of the leather and maintain the proper pH values without harm to the leather.

Semi-aniline or Finished Leathers

For high-traffic use, a breathable protective finish will allow leather not only to be practical but also easy to maintain. Semi-aniline leathers may be cleaned by wiping the entire surface with a soft cloth and cool water. The water should not be warm or hot, as heat causes the protective finish to open up, allowing dirt to get beneath the surface. The Spinneybeck Finished Leather Maintenance Kit has been developed for maintenance when water alone won’t do the job. The kit includes both a cleaner and a conditioner to restore the natural oils which may have been lost over time. Both the cleaner and conditioner have special pH levels harmonious to those of our leathers.

Grain Sueded Leathers

Full grain leathers that have been lightly buffed to raise the nap of the surface are referred to as “grain sueded” leathers. Grain sueded leathers have the softest hand of any suede leathers produced today. For maximum soil resistance and durability, these leathers have received a soil resistant treatment in the drum which permeates the leather, bonding to its fibers without clogging the pores to repel dirt and liquid.

Grain sueded leather can be maintained with reasonable care. Accidental spills will bead and roll off. Spills should not, however, be allowed to puddle, but instead should be blotted up immediately. For normal care, they should be brushed occasionally with a suede cleaning block to help remove general soils and will restore the nap of the leather in areas such as the arm of a chair where a patina can develop from heavy use.

Architects and Designers

I am an architect or designer. Who is my local architectural sales representative?

Please visit our Contact page to find the contact information for your local architectural sales representative.

Does Spinneybeck have any showrooms?

Spinneybeck products can be found in many Knoll Showrooms across the country. Please call Customer Service for locations.

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Is your website secure?

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