We've Always Been Sustainable

And we always will be. Our materials are natural, sustainable, and biodegradable. Plus the processes for making our architectural products are low impact to boot.

Spinneybeck | FilzFelt knows natural materials. With a legacy started five decades ago sourcing the finest full grain upholstery leather, the product line now includes a full range of natural materials including 100% wool felt, wood, and natural cork. These materials go it alone or are paired with high-performing recycled substrates that up the ante of performance for the ceiling, walls, and dividing space.

Natural, Renewable, Sustainable

Cork, leather, wood, and wool felt all get their start in nature and are biodegradable, but we don’t stop there. We pair our natural materials with acoustic substrates made of recycled materials that can be recycled again.

A Good Long Life

Leather has a life cycle that is substantially longer than other upholstery materials. Properly maintained full grain leather will never look worn and often outlives the furniture it upholsters.

Biodegradable + Recyclable

Leather is 100 percent biodegradable and 100 percent post-consumer recyclable. Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree and is natural plant tissue which is 100 percent biodegradable.

Reused Leather Hides

Leather may not come to mind with recycling, but all Spinneybeck leather is produced from hides that are a byproduct of the meat industry. No animals are harmed simply to make our leather. Instead, this byproduct is repurposed into something useful and long lasting.

Repurposed Cork

Just 25–30 percent of cork is used to manufacture wine stoppers, but what is left is not wasted—it is transformed into granules and returned to the production process to make Spinneybeck acoustic tiles which are 93 percent recycled cork.

Minimizing Waste

Spinneybeck | FilzFelt consistently donates felt and leather scraps to our community so that as little as possible goes to waste. We’re always on the hunt for individuals and organizations who can creatively re-envision our leftover materials.

Reduce and Be Better

With an alignment with our parent company, MillerKnoll, we are working on reducing the carbon footprint from our products and operations and to reduce single use plastics by 50 percent. We’re also focused on adding more biodegradable or recycled materials that are responsibly and sustainably produced.

We’re Practically Neighbors

Though our natural materials are harvested and manufactured farther afield, all our architectural products are manufactured in the Northeast meaning that we’re within a 500-mile radius of Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, New York City, Philadelphia, Montréal, Toronto, and Washington DC.

Shipping Without the Waste

Crates and packing materials from incoming shipments are reused whenever possible to reduce waste. And we recycle all cardboard at our facilities.

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