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An ancient and durable material, natural
leather has got it covered. It’s superior to
synthetic products in durability, comfort,
beauty, suppleness, and resilience.
Plus, choose from over thirty qualities of
leather in hundreds of colors.

Acqua (AU) Alaska (AL) Amalfi (AF) Andes (AD) Antique (AQ) ARO Plank 1 ARO Plank 2 ARO Plank 3 ARO Plank 4 ARO Plank 5 ARO Plank 6 ARO Plank 7 ARO Plank 8 Barbell Pull Belting Leather (BL) Butterfly Pull Cascia (CA) Cervo (CV) Channel Wrap Handrail Copenhagen (CO) Custom Laser Engraving Derby (DE) Distressed (DT) Ducale (DL) Ducale Velour (DV) Embossed (EM) Embossed Tipped (ET) España (ES) Flat Wrap Handrail Forte (FE) Haired Hide (HH) Hand Tipped (HT) Leather Weave (LW) Lucca (LC) Lucente (LU) Maremma (MM) Marissa (MA) Muro Muro Plus Oval Pull Overlap Wrap Handrail Perforated (PF) Portofino (PT) Riva (RA) Rugata (RU) Sabrina (SA) Saddle (SL) Sassolino (SS) Slider Pull Sling Pull Umbria (UM) Velluto Pelle (VP) Vicenza (VZ) Volo (VO) Wave Pull
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