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Marissa (MA)

Marissa evokes texture and a sumptuously soft surface. The special retannage perfects the hand of this luxurious leather, as well as prepares the material for the full, rich dye penetration. Marissa is dyed twice as the second bath deepens the color and further enriches the leather. The velvet-like face of Marissa is protected by an impregnated soil-resistant treatment, which shields the surface without disturbing the suppleness and drape of this elegant leather.

  • Content European cowhide
  • Origin Italy
  • Hide Size 50–55 sq ft (4.6–5.1 sq m)
  • Thickness 1.0–1.1 mm
  • Weight 2.5–2.75 oz / sq ft (763–839 g / sq m)
  • Grain Full
  • Grain Texture Smooth sueded
  • Tannage Chrome
  • Dye Aniline
  • Finish Naked, soil resistant
  • Primary Uses Upholstery, handrails, wall panels, architectural applications
  • Industry Automotive, contract, hospitality, marine, residential
  • Maintenance Smooth sueded leather can be maintained with reasonable care as liquids will bead allowing spillage to be blotted up immediately. Dry brush occasionally and general soiling may be removed with a suede cleaning block. Leather cleaners such as saddle soap or household cleaners that may contain harsh chemicals, alcohol or ink removers should never be used.
  • Custom Custom colors not available
  • Special Services Perforated available with an upcharge
  • Variation Color variation of naked leathers may be more pronounced beyond the normal commercial range. A Cutting for Approval (CFA) is required for all orders.
  • Colorfastness to Light Class 2–3
  • Colorfastness to Crocking Class 2–3 (dry)
  • Flammability CAL 117: Pass
  • CAL 133: Successfully used in CAL 133 applications with Firegard F187 fire backer material or equivalent (flame treated)
  • Cigarette Ignition Resistance NFPA 260: Class 1
  • Durability + Strength Abrasion ASTM D 7255: n/a
  • Breaking Force ASTM D 2208: 125 lb
  • Elongation ASTM D 2211: 30–50% at 50 lb
  • Flex ASTM D 2097: n/a
  • Tearing Strength ASTM D 4705: 15 lb
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