The Huffington Post

Shades of Green at Washington DC Online News Aggregator

Muro creates impactful feature walls at the Washington DC offices of Huffington Post. The break room wall features a mix of leather qualities and shades of green in addition to varied panel sizes. Constructed of high quality leather wrapped around standard or FR (Fire Rated) substrates, all panels come preinstalled with Z-Clip fasteners for easy hanging. Pin-mounted signage of the Huffington Post logo is mounted to the chromatic walls.

  • Specifier ASD
  • Location Washington DC
  • Product Muro
  • Leathers EspaƱa, Velluto Pelle, Volo
  • Colors ES 8042 El Valle, VP 0520 Persian Lime, VO 0971 Bistro
  • Photographer Noah Hayes

Product: Muro

Type: Workplace Leather

Download: Project Profile

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