Meritage Home Builders

A Two-Tone Leather Adds Unexpected Texture Overhead

Meritage Home Builders is an award-winning luxury home builder. At their Phoenix office, Embossed Tipped leather is direct-glued to a private office and conference room ceiling. Embossed Tipped is a two-tone leather achieved through the base dye coloration followed by a treatment where the tip of the pebble grain is dyed by hand with a dark overtone. ET 0180 Gray Fox is adhered to a drop soffit in an executive office and inset within a recessed cove ceiling in a conference room adding softness and texture to an otherwise commonplace ceiling.

  • Specifier Pinnacle Design
  • Location Scottsdale AZ
  • Product Embossed Tipped
  • Color ET 0180 Gray Fox

Product: Embossed Tipped (ET)

Type: Workplace Leather

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