Introducing the ARO Collection

February 3, 2016

Spinneybeck is pleased to introduce the Architecture Research Office Collection. This collection combines the natural beauty of Spinneybeck full grain leather with repetition and pattern to create modular architectural finishes that are elegant and easy to install. Composed of full grain leather vacuum formed to extruded foam or PET substrate, ARO Plank enables variation across large areas by combining standard modules. Available in 36 qualities and 945 colorways, the modular planks assemble to create standard patterns and yield a continuous architectural finish that evokes movement and is quietly animated by light and shadow. Planks install quickly and easily with Spinneybeck’s Interlock Mounting System.

Kim Yao, Principal at Architecture Research Office, remarks, “In our work, we seek to elevate simple, everyday materials with creative detailing and unexpected applications. The Architecture Research Office Collection for Spinneybeck expands this palette to leather, transforming the natural material into an architectural finish that is simultaneously flexible and modular, tailored and beautiful.”


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