Introducing Amalfi

June 8, 2022

Amalfi Full Color Collection

Amalfi leather provides a full suppleness of hand and includes a water-resistant treatment and a smooth, tight grain enhancement. The result is a durable yet economical leather that features characteristics found in high-end luxury upholstery leather in a color palette by Danish designer Nina Bruun. Drawing from objects found in nature and the Nordic light that continually inspires her work, Nina has curated a range of hues that allows the material’s inherent qualities to shine while balancing a mix of timeless and trending colors.


Amalfi Green Ripples and Rolls against wall

Meet Nina Bruun

Nina Bruun is an accomplished designer, trend spotter, and consultant based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Established in 2016, her multidisciplinary creative studio creates customized solutions within the fields of trends, colors, product design, and visual brand identity.


Nina Bruun at Table

“I’m a firm believer in long-lasting palettes when working with materials used in interiors or architecture. I’ve curated a collection with a thoughtful and intentional range of neutral colors and vibrant hues that consider both timeless and more trend-focused colors.”

Nina Bruun Office and Work

Behind the Design

Turning to objects found in nature and the Nordic light that continually inspires her work, Nina walks us through the process of developing a cohesive color palette, shares the natural objects from her life-long collection that shaped the palette, and the color trends she sees on the horizon. 


Amalfi Samples with Natural Objects

“Amalfi is a nature-inspired collection with a beautiful and rich surface structure that I hope inspires a versatile array of end uses and color combinations.”

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