Introducing the 13 new colors of Lucente

November 30, 2016

First introduced in 2005, Lucente is Italian for “shining” and this polished leather has a luminance that has set it apart ever since. The thirteen new colors of Lucente were developed by jewelry designer Cresta Bledsoe and the addition of bold, saturated color with elegant, warm and cool greys rounds out the line. This full grain leather adds an unexpected shimmer to wrapped wall panels and architectural products such as ARO Plank. And though we hate to pick favorites, we admit we’re in love with this glistening leather. The new colors include:

LU 1617 Pavo
LU 1618 Tucana
LU 1619 Hydra
LU 1620 Eridanus
LU 1621 Caelum
LU 1622 Grus
LU 1623 Auriga
LU 1624 Cetus
LU 1625 Lacerta
LU 1626 Cygnus
LU 1627 Carina
LU 1628 Lupus
LU 1629 Vulpecula

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