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Color Guide

BL 1905 Red BL 1907 Burnt Orange BL 1911 Dark Green BL 1913 Indigo BL 1904 Cognac BL 1924 Warm Beige BL 1903 Tan BL 1922 Khaki BL 1921 Taupe BL 1902 Chocolate BL 1923 Brown BL 1901 Dark Brown BL 1925 Umber BL 1914 White BL 1919 Cream BL 1916 Light Grey BL 1920 Putty BL 1918 Medium Grey BL 1917 Gunmetal BL 1915 Smoke BL BLCK Black


Tratto, meaning traction or stretch in Italian, is a unique screen made from stretched CNC cut Belting Leather held in traction within an aluminum frame. Designed by noted architect, Emanuela Frattini Magnusson, the screen acts as an impactful feature wall or space divider in 26 colors of Belting Leather. The leather is sliced and stretched creating sculptural shapes with an interesting play of positive and negative space. The screen affords space separation without blocking light or sight lines and is materially efficient since it stretches the leather to more than twice its length.

Appropriate for contract, hospitality, and residential environments, Tratto is available in several standard widths and heights and multiple screens may be linked together. The screening system ships complete with top and bottom suspension hardware as well as suspension cable that may be cut to length to accommodate varying existing conditions.

  • Designer Emanuela Frattini Magnusson
  • Standard Widths 2’-0” (61 cm), 2’-4” (71.1 cm), 2’-8” (81.3 cm), 3’-0” (91.4 cm)
  • Standard Heights 4’-0” (121.9 cm), 4’-4” (132.1 cm), 4’-8” (142.2 cm), 5’-0” (152.4 cm), 5’-4” (162.7 cm), 5’-8” (172.7 cm), 6’-0” (182.9 cm)
  • Construction CNC cut Belting Leather + Aluminum frame with clear satin anodized finish—Please note that there is a finished and unfinished side to Belting Leather and screen should be oriented accordingly
  • Components Includes top and bottom suspension hardware with 3’-0” (91.4 cm) length of stainless steel cable provided. (Ceiling and floor screws not included.) Additional cable length must be quoted.
  • Industry Contract, hospitality or residential
  • Maintenance Vacuum with a soft brush attachment. Leather cleaners such as saddle soap or household cleaners that may contain harsh chemicals, alcohol or ink removers should never be used.
  • Lead time Made to order and certain lead times will apply
  • Installation Installs to floor and ceiling surfaces with suspension hardware and stainless steel cable provided 

Emanuela Frattini Magnusson

Emanuela Frattini Magnusson is currently the Global Head of Design for Bloomberg. She was the founder and principal of EFM Design, an international, award-winning, multi-disciplinary practice that spans architecture, interiors, product design, brand development, and graphics. Notable architectural projects include the Aqua townhouse development project in Miami, retail concepts for Russell Athletic, offices and showrooms for Knoll International, various art galleries and studios, a Times Square Hotel and restaurant, as well as number of residential projects in the United States and Europe, including the renovation of a Frank Lloyd Wright House in Rye, New York.