Tratto in Interior Design’s Fall Market Tabloid

November 20, 2015

Tratto—Spinneybeck’s new leather architectural screening system—is featured in the Fall Market Tabloid of Interior Design. This screen composed of stretched CNC cut Belting Leather held in traction within an aluminum frame is available in several standard widths and heights to accommodate varying existing conditions.

“Slicing and elongating leather belts, the kind that have kept machines running for generations, architect Emanuela Frattini Magnusson—global head of design for Bloomberg—realized she’d hit upon the perfect material for an interior element. Named after the Italian word for ‘stretch,’ the screen is composed of CNC-cut leathers—offered in 26 colors—held within a satin-finish anodized-aluminum frame. The screens come in several standard dimensions, the largest 3 by 6 feet, but multiple panels can be connected to create more-sizable partitions. And since the leather is stretched to more than twice its normal length, it’s an extremely efficient use of natural resources.”

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