Gemma (GE)

July 30, 2015

A lustrous and interactive smooth grained leather, Gemma uses a micro perforation technique to embed metallic foil into the surface. Gemma, which means gemstone in Italian, is like its namesake derivation in that the surface interest is created out of its interaction with light—it shimmers in direct light and subtly glows in more diffuse surroundings. Created in collaboration with jewelry designer, Cresta Bledsoe, Gemma features colors including classic, neutral silver and gold all the way to bold hot pink and periwinkle, creating a playful, contemporary spectrum. Best known for her published and award-winning commercial interiors, textile, product, and furniture designs, Cresta Bledsoe turned her love of materials and form into a refined jewelry line that references her interiors background with architectural pieces that have multi-use designs, planar lines, and a pared down aesthetic.

Part of the MillerKnoll collective